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Workshop - WT Taekwondo Rules and Amendments [level 1 and 2] -  “Kyurogi”

The Bin Jamal Taekwondo Center organized a training workshop in WT Taekwondo rules and amendments (level 1 and 2) -  “Kyurogi” , which was under the supervision of the Educator and International Referee, Master Mohamed Bin Jamal.
The workshops included several theoretical points in Taekwondo sport technica, the rule with recent amendements, scenario analysis, the ethics of the coach, player and referee, and how to completion and match management. The workshop also included practical in performance.

The workshop (Level 1) was for all taekwondo affiliates, including coaches, players and referees, and Level 2 was for coaches, referees and those who have a goal to learn the rule of the sport and so to become a national referee.

The two workshops were attended by 45 participants from the top coaches, players and referees in the Kingdom of Bahrain, who received a certificate of participation at the end of the workshops.

The Eductor and International Referee, Mohamed Bin Jamal, is considered an expert in the sport of Taekwondo and the only one in Bahrain and the Gulf that is certified by the World Taekwondo as an Educator, Technical delegate, nternational coach (all levels) and as a first-class international referee who has participated in many World level and international championships, as well as a certified classifier for the Para-Taewondo.

The aim of organizing these training workshops is to spread the correct sport culture for all, and knowledge and public awareness regarding the sport of Taekwondo - the “Kyurogi”  organizationally, administratively and technically, and refine the skill of coaches and players after their knowledge of the rule and its merits to apply it in their training and change what is required of the sport to avoid mistakes which can lead to loss in tournaments.

The coaches and affiliates that participated in the first and second levels of the training workshop are:

  1. Professional Taekwondo School
  2. Al-Amiri Taekwondo School
  3. Riffa Taekwondo School
  4. Phoenix Taekwondo School
  5. Fighter Taekwondo School
  6. The Model School of Taekwondo
  7. Emperor's School of Taekwondo
  8. Ace Taekwondo School
  9. Bahrain Taekwondo School
  10. Warrior Taekwondo School
  11. Victory Taekwondo School
  12. Thunder Taekwondo School

The program of the workshop will continue with Level 3 which will be specially prepared for the current referees and those who aspire to become a referee after passing the requirements and who has the qualifications to be nominated by the lecturer - Master Mohamed Bin Jamal to the Board of the Bahrain Taekwondo Federation to consider and study the qualifications of the candidates and then officially approve them as a national referee.

The Bin Jamal Taekwondo Center will organize other workshops with the aim of expanding and spreading awareness in other Taekwondo areas  (Pomseh and Paratikondo).